Entry #16

It's been a long time

2017-04-08 16:51:56 by TheSharkBite

I'm sorry i 'aven't been making much.



It's been rough. I hate most of the stuff i make.



But you guys are helping me out. Thanks.

I might change my name in the future, no one knows.

For now, ill be making songs once in a while.


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2017-04-25 15:27:40

But you did change your name. On YT. But how did you manage to change your name if you only had 40 or so subs when you need 500 to change your name?

TheSharkBite responds:

not sure. didn't know the 500 rule


2017-05-21 16:25:24

Hehe Im definitely planning on changing my name for a one-off monthly supporter status. That will be the best month on Newgrounds for a while.

Anyway, keep up the uploads, I'm kinda the opposite, I have WAY too many songs and remixes on my hands. Looks like we both need a balance. And in answer to LunancyOfficial's question about the name changing: I have 0 subs and I changed my name, it's to do with the google account and you are allowed to change your name 3 times every 90 days.