2016-12-03 17:31:08 by TheSharkBite

So the common core used in my school is not very good at teaching languages....

So I'm taking French in school and I'm already fluent in English and Portuguese...

But recently I've decide to take Dutch on the side!


I know none of you really care... But any of you from the Netherlands can communicate with me... I guess... Lol whatevr




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2016-12-03 18:17:54

Well multilingualism and cosmopolitanism is always a good thing! Ich kann nicht Französisch. Aber ich habe gehört, dass niederländisch ist nicht viel anders. Verstehen Sie mich?

TheSharkBite responds:

Yeah... Ummm not quite at that level yet... Sorry lol...
I agree though!


2016-12-03 19:08:45

Is English your mother language?

TheSharkBite responds:

Sort of... I've known English and Portuguese for as long as I can remember


2017-01-31 14:49:15

Wow, I can't stand French. I dropped it asap and now I'm learning Spanish. Definitely not good at it yet though, but out of German, French and Spanish it's my favourite.

Buena suerte aprendiendo holandés



2017-04-04 17:33:19

I've been taking Chinese... probably useless for online communication though, unfortunately, due to China's internet control.