Can I have your opinion?

2016-08-16 14:15:24 by TheSharkBite

I've been writing music for a year now.

And yes, I know it's sounded like crap.

I can't afford things like serum.

But I recently got the tools to imporve my songs.


I'm going to start again. With new and better songs. I don't know if I should...

Should I delete all my crap songs? Please tell me.

I might not listen. But maybe I will. Here is the plan:

I just got some incredible new software and I've shown my new music to some people... They say it's quite good.

Not FatRat good... But iTunes quality.

So... Once I make four of these new songs... I'll post them... And remove my old ones.

I'm counting on my fans to help me decide...


P.S. (It will still be using this account).


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2016-08-16 14:41:35

It's up to you, but bear in mind that if you decide to keep your old songs, people will be inspired by how far you've come, from your old work to your new stuff.

Go look at user @matt-likes-swords for example. He is the creator of the Epic Battle Fantasy series. Impressed? Now go to his movies, scroll all the way down.....

...Yeah. He started with THAT. That should be a powerful enough reminder that anyone can make it, if they try. And you could be helping another musician who was once in your position, to make better stuff and see why.


2016-08-17 00:51:12

I'd leave your old songs up just to see how much new tools helps you improve. Just keep in mind that the tools don't make the songs good, the producer does. Limitations can affect creativity though, so I have hope that your new songs will be better than what you've been making so far. I know I've been kind of negative and harsh, and that's because I have a habit of judging people like professionals would be judged. I find that people get better if they get criticism. They improve to the level they're being criticized for not being, and I guess that's my intention. I can hear your potential, so I'm trying to help you do the best that you can. That aside, I'm excited to hear your new songs!

TheSharkBite responds:

True... But without good tools garageband will do nothing. :(
Thanks for all your help! I've been so thankful for your reviews. :)


2016-08-18 09:38:31

What is the 'incredible new software'?

TheSharkBite responds:



2016-08-23 16:12:58

Never get rid of your old stuff! The amount of times I've been inspired by my old-unreleased work is innumerate. You'd be shocked by how many times you can grab a melody or chord progression from an old, unfinished project. "Unless you learn from them, your mistakes are just that" siad, some guy I don't know.

At the end of the day it's your decision, that's just my two cents

TheSharkBite responds:

And a good two cents they are indeed.


2016-08-25 21:31:07

Bruh your music is not that bad. But I have to 2nd what @Troisnyx was saying. I have some of my bad submissions on my page (except the painfully awful ones), but someday people will hopefully listen to that and realize how much you can improve, especially to the new music producers.


2016-08-31 15:11:20

Just keep making songs as long you enjoy it. You will naturaly improve.
I suggest learning an instrument. It definetly helps getting a better understanding of how to make good music. I started learning the guitar with the age of 18, I regret I didn't pick it up earlier, so yeah. :)

TheSharkBite responds:

Yeah I already play the piano, but thanks!


2016-10-03 17:57:12

I don't think your music is bad, I really like it! Chance was my first song I heard by you and the first song I heard on Newgrounds. I really liked chance. So don't delete any of your old songs! Because one time I made this song in 15 minutes and uploaded it. Thinking that people would hate it. But it turned out to be my 5 star song and most liked on soundcloud!


2016-12-11 07:00:37

What software is it?