Okay, so I wanted to confirm that...

2016-08-09 14:43:48 by TheSharkBite

I do use GarageBand, and I USED to use loops. HOWEVER, I DON'T and have not for a while. I also don't use pre-made MIDI tracks. Please stop complaining that I use loops because my songs are repetitive. It's my style, you have yours. Take your hate somewhere over the rainbow, please.



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2016-08-09 15:18:07

I don't see an issue with loops every now and then as long as it is just a loop being used for a sound and not for all the audio, ya feel?


2016-08-10 20:55:08

Let me get this out of the way to start. You have a bad habit of not taking reviews into account because of justification. A great lesson to learn is to learn not to justify. If people lessen the harshness of reviews because of your excuses, you're not getting the most out of what you could be learning. And by making excuses for yourself, you're pushing away the suggestions other people have made to help you get better. You'll never grow as a producer if you refuse to put these suggestions into your production. You can justify to an extent, (I don't have good enough software, I don't have the tools to do that), but if you take everything into account and make it a goal for yourself to fix it, you will see an improvement. The reason I'm going off on you for this here, is that this post is trying to cushion people's blows.

If someone says, "You're using loops too much," and you're not using loops, then interpret it differently. Maybe, "Your songs are very repetitive," instead. It changes it from something you can't fix into something you can.

Another thing to note; Repetition is not a style. It's an example of bad production value. Every song is somewhat repetitive, but when the same pattern is used throughout the whole song, it becomes annoying and uninteresting.

Also, criticism is not hate by any means. If you expect wonderful reviews on all of your songs because you like it, you need to wake up. If a song can be fixed, people are going to tell you, and often times they won't be nice (much like I'm being quite harsh at the moment). It's in no way hate. It may seem like a shove, but it's more of a push in the right direction, or a tough-love type of thing.

You're going to get criticism, and you're going to have to learn to live with it and take it into account. I get that this post is focused a lot on me, but that's because I'm actively trying to help you get better. You can't be coddled into making better music. Nobody's music is perfect, and yours is no exception. Don't expect to always get positive reviews.

(Updated ) TheSharkBite responds:

Thank you, but the point of this review is to get people off my back because they have threatened to remove my songs. I needed to make sure everyone knew the truth- I don't like loops any more than they do. Thanks though!


2016-08-10 22:46:14

how the hell do you even use pre-made midi tracks?

TheSharkBite responds:

Things like '80's Bass Tune' (Garageband)